The e Foundation


is an open-source mobile operating system paired with carefully selected applications. They form a privacy-enabled internal system for your smartphone. And it’s not just claims: open-source means auditable privacy.

We could have just focused on an OS, but apps and online services are crucial components of our everyday experience, too.

These online services, including our search engine, email platform, cloud storage and other online tools, create a unique privacy enhanced environment.

The e Foundation

/e/ is a non-profit project in the public interest. It needs an entirely independent structure to protect its assets and make them sustainable in the long run.

The e Foundation hosts core /e/ assets: domain names, trademarks, intellectual rights, technical expertise.

We provide free and low-cost solutions that people and businesses use to keep their data private, ensuring minimal income to support our development. We also provide outreach and education to help anyone learn how to keep their personal data private on their phones and online. As a non-profit, we welcome donations from individuals, corporates and governments.

Some /e/ “sister companies” will have strong links with the e Foundation to develop business in specific related areas, and contribute to financing the e Foundation.

Our non-profit organization “e Foundation” was incorporated in May 2018.

What is /e/?

We could have just focused on an OS, but apps and online services are critical components of a smartphone experience, too.

/e/ consists of a fully deGoogled mobile operating system (OS) and carefully selected applications, together forming a privacy-enabled internal environment for mobile phones.

Combined with online services, such as a search engine, email, storage and other online tools, it creates a unique environment privacy-in privacy-out.

For an in depth description of /e/OS, head to our documentation.